We listen to you!

We had a small development upgrade last week, and It might have gone under the radar for most you – but don´t worry, we are here to update you!

Due to a reach-out on from twitteruser deillusionnee regarding an issue she ran into. We decided to react.
The issue encountered, were with clipping animated GIF files and the subsequent problem arose, when it didn´t work. Memit have actually not supported GIF clippings sofar, but why shouldn´t we? So due to some much appreciated extra work, our development team solved the issue, we reached out to twitteruser deillusionnee to test it – and voila!

End of story – we now support clipping animated GIF pictures 🙂


So get out there and start collecting, clipping and sharing those GIF´s!

memit introduces sub-collections!

memit’s drag & drop sub-collection feature is finally here! And we don’t blame you if you got overly excited. 🙂

Managing your content can be challenging if you can’t organize it in a way that’s intuitive to you. As the number of your mems grow, some collections may feel a bit crowded and need a finer classification. With the new sub-collection feature your mem count can grow without worries! By creating multi-level collections you can separate your content within collections – using any criteria you need. And since each mem can be assigned to multiple collections, there’s no need to compromise!

Creating a tree of sub-collections couldn’t be easier: just log in to your memit account and use the left sidebar to view the entire list of your collections. Then simply drag & drop collections into their according place. You can create new ones by clicking the +New button.
(see tutorial below)

drag_n_drop creating subcollections 2

If you made a mistake and want to remove a collection from it’s new position, simply drag & drop it to a different location. If you want it to be a stand-alone collection, then drag & drop it to the top of the list where it says Move to root.
(see tutorial below)

drag_n_drop creating subcollections remove 2

Keep your content neat and tidy with memit and drag & drop your way to bliss! 🙂

Enjoy the spring cleaning! 🙂

Team memit

New memit widget is here – embed your content everywhere!

So, you’ve been memming lately? You have a cool collection you would love to share on your website or blog. Well – you’re in luck, because the new memit widget is in town!

Whether you’re trying to set up a portfolio for your business or just share your favorite book titles with your blog followers, having a compact visual way to display all your content directly on the website makes it easier for everybody. And the best part is – you don’t have to worry about changes! Updates on your memit collection will reflect directly on your website, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

Placing a widget on your website or a post is really simple: just go to the collection of your interest, click on Edit & Collaborate button beneath the top banner, then choose URL & Widget tab and simply click on the widget code (if you want to include top banner and filtering, then check respective boxes, save changes and apply the for-mentioned steps). After that, just simply place the code wherever you need your collection to show and voila – your visually arranged content will be there for anyone to use!

Having problems following these instructions? Just have a look at this quick tutorial:


If you run into any problems, be sure to let us know at hello@memit.com. Or just drop us an email saying “hi”, we’re all for that too. 🙂

Have fun with sharing your content with the world!
Team memit

memit explained in 60 seconds – our promo video is released!

We’ve been asked a lot about when our promo video is going to be released. Users loved the service and wanted to have a quick way to explain what the platform is about to their friends. Well, the wait is over – we’ve officially launched our promo video!

Finding a way to tell your story can be challenging. Sure, we have a lot of cool features, but how do you let everyone see you through the eyes of your happiest users? That’s why making videos like this takes time, effort and a whole lot of soul.

We don’t shy away from hard work, but we also like to have fun while doing it! 🙂  Check out the set of our promo video shoot in the video below: featured are our firestarter and CEO Jan – the guy with mad Flipagram skills who likes to take 50%-face selfies, and our awesome designer Lasse – the guy who likes a clean table and is a fierce cross-arm enthusiast whenever he’s not working. Enjoy! 🙂

Like what you see? Why not share this video, try out memit or recommend it to your friends! It’s free and easy to use.

Every way is the right way with memit’s two-way sync!

Brace yourself: memit has a cool new way for you to get more in tune with your cloud storage service!

With the new two-way sync feature you can have all your content available on the cloud as well as on memit – no matter where you save it first! By syncing both ways, memit will automatically create collections that match all your folders on the cloud storage service – without having anything lost in translation. And of course – anything you save to memit will pop up on your cloud storage service as well.

Enabling this feature is done in just a few clicks. Simply go to your memit account (or app) and click on the avatar in the upper-right corner. Choose Settings & Tools. Than proceed by choosing Services in the Cloud storage integration section. Click the drop-down menu under Storage integration scheme and choose Two way sync. (GIF tutorial below).

Animation 0

If you run into any problems, be sure to let us know at hello@memit.com. Or just drop us an email saying “hi”, we’re all for that too. 🙂

Hope you have fun navigating memit with full cloud flexibility!
Team memit

Why do we have a happiness officer in memit?


Hi, I am Lise-Lotte, and I am happiness officer in team memit.

“That’s a funny title”, I often hear from people, when the talk falls on my job in memit. And it is. Because why does an online tool development team like memit need a happiness officer? The answer is simple: Because contributing to people’s happiness is our main goal! Continue reading Why do we have a happiness officer in memit?