Clipboard-import ready

In the beginning of May was aquired by and all 140,000 users were told that would stop by end June. is (or was) a service similar to memit, and we therefore decided to offer the exiled Clipboard-users a new home in memit.

That’s why we today are able to launch a new import-tool. It’s extremely easy to use – all you have to do is upload the zip-file Clipboard provides you with. And then wait for our machinery to do it’s work. The service stands out by preserving the layout of the clips imported, by being able to import not only articles, but also pieces hereoff and indivdual images among other things. Finally the memit import takes care of the Boards to which the imported clips belong: in memit the clips (now ”mems”) are ordered in collections.

Here’s a small video which shows how the import works:

If you allready have a memit-account, you’ll find the import tool located under ”settings”

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