Look at our new tiles!

“I’ve never seen all my mems presented in one single view before. They’re all there at one glance!”

Today we’re introducing something we’re really fond of ourselves: tile view. Tile view is a highly visual way to organize your mems. Instead of lists and endless words, it’s all images. Great for those times when you’re looking for inspiration and intuitive sensing.

memit tile viewThe new memit tile view presents all your mems visually

As of today, all users have the “tile view” option present on both their public profile and their “my mems” page. Scanning for a particular subject, the old list-way still rocks. That’s why the lists are still the default choice on memit.

Today’s tile view launch is only the first of a series of improvements we are rolling out over the summer. Tile views on more pages are coming – as well as a brand new front page, to mention just a couple. Want to see what it’s really like? Click here, sign up or log in and start tile viewing now!

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