Jon Lund joins memits executive team as COO

Today is a great day for memit: Jon Lund joins us as our Chief Operations Officer!

Jon has helped us for the past six months, but from today he’s with us in a formal role as part of the executive team, with Rune Alblas and me.

Jon is among the most knowledgable and well-connected Danes in the media industry. He is chairman of the Danish Online News Association, he blogs and writes in both Danish and international media, and he does a lot of public speaking. For five years Jon headed IAB Denmark and in that time the number of members doubled, revenue quardrupled and mentions of the organisation in the press increased ten-fold. At memit he’ll get the chance to surpass himself 🙂

Photo: Kasper Buchardt Thye

Jon Lund joins memit as COO. Photo: Kasper Buchardt Thye

Jon also took a seat on the board of IAB Europe and participated in both the organisation’s European and global work.

In particular I look forward to have Jon on the team to push memit’s media endavours, presenting our unique tools and solutions for publishers – both online and in print. And all around the world.

You can reach out to Jon at @jonlund (twitter) or at Of course you can also check out all Jon’s knowledge library right here at if you want to know what’s on his mind.

Yours, Jan

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