memit update release! has been updated!

In wake of our update, released today, community manager Jeppe caught up with our CTO, co-founder Rune Alblas, and asked him 3 quick questions (+1 bonus question) about the update. Here are the questions, and Rune’s answers in succession.

Q: What are the most important features in the latest update?

A: Massive speed improvement on the Activity and Your mems pages. Architectural changes now makes these pages load almost instantly. And what’s better is that it scales – meaning that it doesn’t get slower as new users join. It’s a taste of the speed we aim for 070-243 throughout the site and clipper.

Q: Is this based on feedback, or things you had in the pipeline already?

A: For sure we had feedback from our users regarding performance. It is only natural that we do these architectural changes as we grow. We’re very exited about the result.

Q: How will this effect users?

A: Users will experience a much faster site. We will perform the same optimizations to the remaining parts of the pages and the clipper the coming time.

4. (bonus question)
Q: What’s next in line, feature wise?

A: Next up is narrowing and restructuring the top bar to give more space to mems as well as the ability to upload documents. And of course continued performance upgrades.

Thank you Rune!

Go try it out, the improved and much faster

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