New feature: Upload own documents as mems!

Go ahead and try it right now!

This latest feature update means that not only can you store and share content created by others in memit. Also content you have made are now part of the collective knowledge system.

With the new upload service we close a hole in competition with services like Dropbox and Slideshare that just specializes in effectively saving users own documents and presentations.

We should not be a new “look at my powerpoint” site . But having said that, many of our users have asked for the ability to upload their own stuff along with whitepapers and long read articles they have found out there – or their own excel spreadsheet that summarizes the results of a week”s research. This is now possible.

Knowledge with a capital (but silent) K
We are trying to be the best at knowledge sharing. There are lots of services out there that makes it possible to share. But not many that focus on how you want  to store and share good knowledge content. This is what we do: We let you store things that really mean something to you, so you can always find it again, and easily share it with colleagues or others you share interests with.

Unlimited Storage
The new upload feature is a wonderland of storage space: It is unlimited. On the other hand, there is a cap on the size of individual files at typically 50MB, although it varies for each file format.

Multi Upload and drag and drop on the way
Today”s launch is just the first part of this upload fest. Over the next period of time the service will be constantly upgraded. Next up in this series is multi- upload – so that you can upload multiple documents at once, through drag and drop.

First things first though. Today”s upload functionality covers 95% of user needs. The next five percent we”ll cover as soon as possible.

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