Internship – Community Management, spring 2014

Company & Job Description

memit is a Danish startup aiming to change the way we save and share content on the internet and laying the foundations for a new breed of knowledge-based communities. We’re growing fast – and want to grow even faster. That’s why we are seeking a community management intern to help spread the word, build engagement, and keep users happy all around the world – plus helping getting the day-to-day operations of the office running!


Esben, Henrik, Jeppe and Jon in an intense video-watching moment

In turn you’re given the chance of being part of a vibrant startup, working with state-of-the-art technologies, front-running a new paradigm of sharing on the web, building new  “is a racist” is not and never was the point. identities and getting smarter. Together. Being able to actually build on what you know.

As intern you’re going to work out of one of the most exiting social media offices in Copenhagen, where memit resides. You’re going to be surrounded by the best-thinking social media marketeers and strategists you’ll ever come across. memit itself is serious business as well. We’re founded by Rune Alblas and Jan Futtrup Kjær – the founder of Social Semantic – and backed by UK and US-based angel investors.

The ideal candidate:

Is outgoing, sociable and easily connects to other people

Operates confidently on various social media platforms, knows how to share and fuel discussions

Speaks and writes both Danish and English with great ease

Is passionate about tech, internet and social media

Is a student or recent graduate in e.g. Communication, IT, Business, Media Management or similar.

We offer:

Professional and personal development

An inspiring and enjoyable work environment

The opportunity to influence

Great network opportunities

Please note that this is an unpaid internship and we expect you to participate full time. We invite people continuously for interviews, so submit your application today. Send to: Jon Lund, Please write “Internship – Community Management” in the subject field. Remember to state when your internship should start. We look forward to receiving your application.

Also: don”t hesitate giving us a call, if you want to know more! Call Lise-Lotte Sundahl at 45 53372680 who is our intern this fall, or COO Jon Lund at 45 28199052.


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