Our Favorite Mems


One feature on memit just got updated and is now performing through the roof. The DISCOVER/sources buttons let you discover all the great mems that are coming in all the time. So far from more than 30,000 sources online.

I took a quick look around the office and asked people what their favorite content is, on memit. Here are some of Team memit”s favorite mems:

Jon Lunds favourite: a search in his mems for the term

Jon Lunds favourite: a search in his mems for the term “paywall”

COO Jon Lund mentions one of his often used search terms, “paywall” – a topic on which he often mems.
-“This is what memit does for me: gives me a great way of finding stuff, I know matters to me, about specific topics”.

Intern Lise-Lotte Sundahl likes this mem about the state of Generation Y.

-“This is a mem I return to again and again as great source of inspiration both in my blogging activity and when i work with academical stuff! Just love it, and i would never have found if it was not for Jakob Kahlen who memmed it for me to grab”.

Memit CTO Rune Alblass favourite mem: Eric Schmidt on the sheer size of information creation.


Rune Alblass favourite mem: Eric Schmidt on the sheer size of information creation.

CTO Rune Alblas is  flabbergasted by this fantastic fact coming from Tech Crunch and Google: Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until  2003. Think about that for a second. This is why information overload is very real. And why memit makes so much sense.

And finally I, Community Manager Jeppe Morgenthaler came across this talk at TEDx Copenhagen and loved to share it on memit: http://memit.com/mem/view/id/95391
– I am in total awe of such discoveries. It totally blows my mind, and I love how easy it is to share such great information with others here on memit.

Here”s what it looks like:

My own favourite mem: Vilayanur Ramachandran”s TED talk on The neurons that shaped civilization

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