This Danish photographer made Memit the backbone of international energy project

“An article and research Pinterest”. That”s the way Tine Hvolby, a Danish photographer and Community manager, recalls her first impressions of Memit. She”d been invited to join Memit as an alpha tester by CEO Jan Futtrup Kjær.

Right project came along

This was back in march 2013, and in the beginning Tine wasn”t quite sure how to use Memit. It was not until a project with diverse needs came along that Tine discovered the real benefits of the service, and started using Memit for real.

(Tine Hvolby. Foto: Amanda Thomsen)

The Energy Action Project.( )  is a multimedia investigation of the personal impacts associated with lack of access to energy in different countries around the world  – and the solutions available to improve access. EnAct has three main aims: 1) to draw attention to the dysfunctions that allow energy poverty to persist; 2) to educate the public about energy;  and 3) to engage energy stakeholders in efforts to deliver sustainable energy to all.

Brilliant tool

Together with Creative Director of the EnACT project,  Marilyn Smith, Tine is in charge of all elements of social media, including the online storytelling that will be available to the public and the behind-the-scenes coordination of content contributed by the EnAct Team.

Tine sees Memit as a great tool to share the research material that is relevant to the contributors of the project. As she states:

“Memit is the only platform that has it all! I tried others, but only Memit offers the possibility to comment and start a debate directly linked to the content. Also, it is a brilliant tool to share and organize a lot of information with a large group of people, which we will become in time.”

Spots problems

When asked where Tine sees Memit in the future, she replies that she has a good feeling about Memit, especially if the Memit team will keep up the good work of listening to the users and implementing the improvements required to ensure that the site has a smooth and logical UX..

We have in the support team, come to know Tine as one of our very valuable super users. When she spots a problem on the platform, she doesn’t give up and switch over to another bookmarking tool. Rather, she reports the problem and works with us to find a solution.

One example was when she helped us improve the shared collections function. Initially, the system required users to be logged in when trying to access a shared collection, which made the process messy and confusing. Our developer made some adjustments, and thanks to Tine, it is now possible to access a shared collection  – even when not logged in. This means users can benefit from Memit tools in a more convenient manner.


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By Lise-Lotte Maria Sundahl, Community Manager intern.

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