New soon-to-be-released memit-app breathes digital life to printed articles

I’m thrilled to announce a new version of the memit app that merges online with offline in a brand new way, completes the memit service and opens new ways for print media to tap into online ecosystems.

When we first started memit, we had a vision of creating a knowledge management system encompassing not only web-content but stuff you read in papers, magazines and all other sorts of printed material as well. With the new version of our smartphone-app we’re taking a giant leap to fullfilling this dream. Personally, I can’t wait for the app to ship early next year.

Print struggles in the digital world

The new version of the memit app features new “use camera”-functionality, that allows you to take a snapshot of a printarticle and automatically saving and sharing it in a pure digital format.

It is no secret that newspapers have been suffering for the past 10 years, in the time where online media has taken a big bite of the market that used to be paper media exclusively. One of the things that the paper never would be able to accommodate is the social aspect: It has – naturally – no ”like”-button, as its´s made entirely of analog paper. Saving it takes a pair of scissors and a box to put the clipping into. Sharing takes stamps or telefax, while commenting requires you to send a letter to the editor, hoping for it to be published in a not to distant future.

In other words: printed articles are doomed to a life in isolation and deprived of all the interactions and all the liveliness, digital news have made us love.

One-stop library

At the same time, the physicality of printed media also posed a problem to us at memit. How can you create a one-stop knowledge-library, if it’s unable to hold and organize all the cool things read on paper? This really nagged us.

Truly social snapshots

Fortunately, and if everything works as we plan!, these two problems will both be solved with the next version of our smartphone-app. With it, when you read something great in the paper, simply take a snapshot with your phone, and memit instantaneously saves a high-quality, gorgeously looking version of the article. The second you’re meming the printed paper with your phone, the article shows up in your archive at Fully searchable, organized, commented.

Whats more: the app also will let you post the article to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As by magic print media are being blessed with the social qualities of online publishing opening themselves up to readers all over the web. And memit is fullfilling it’s potentials.

Fueled by OCR and PDFs

The secret sauce of the new app consists of two things. The first is an advanced OCR-image analysis, that extracts the entire text of the article in question, transferring your snapshot from a ”dumb” image to an intelligent object that will actually respond to your searches, when you search for a word that is entailed in the article you’ve memmed.

The other ingredient to the new app is PDFs. On the fly the new appmatches the snapshot you’re memming with a database of PDFs, finding and memming the full PDF-version of the article. That’s why you won’t have to settle with whatever quality your cameraphone is able to deliver. You get full PDF-quality of articles from partnering publishers.

Partnership with publishers

Publishers signing up for partnership with memit gets distinct advantages. Not only will their content gain a digital and social life, that it otherwise out of reach for print media. Memit lets publishers remain in control over how the articles are allowed to be spread – and to get paid for it. All of which is possible, because the memmed articles are stored within memit, allowing us to honor the rights of publishers and create a framework which helps publishers make the most of their content.

Circle closed

It’s only two month ago we at memit launched our the ”upload your own mem”-feature at memit. Hitherto all you were able to mem was content that allready existed online. Now you could also mem by uploading pictures, documents, presentations and much more to memit. When we launch our new app we take this one step futher, closing the circle, making it possible to mem also from the wonderful world of print. Rejoice! Very soon nearly everything will memable 🙂

Jan Futtrup Kjær – ceo, memit

2 thoughts on “New soon-to-be-released memit-app breathes digital life to printed articles”

    1. Ja gør det ikke 🙂 Og vi tror på at det ER sygt smart, og glæder os rigtig meget til at komme igang med at bruge det. Husk at al info og evt spørgsmål kan rettes til vores facebook-side eller til mig personligt på
      VH Lise-Lotte fra memit


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