Happy Holidays and a happy bootstrapped new years to you

New investment secures memit development. ”Magic app” in the making. (Jump right to the bottom if you want to go straight to your Christmas present)

I love being bootstrapped. Or rather: I love bootstrapping. The process of starting something new and fight to make it fly, giving it whatever it takes. And doing so largely with your own ressources. ”Pulling oneself over the fence by one”s bootstraps” as the dictionary explains the term.

Of course help from the outside is welcomed, and often necessary. That’s been the case in my six prior startups. And it’s the case with memit, which is funded not only by myself and Rune, but also by business angel-investors, seeing the great potentials in memit with a dream of building The One Place from where the knowledge and information professional can save, organize and publish their great content!

Starting something new takes not only the willingness to pull it through – but the ability to find pleasure doing it – at the end of the day – that”s what keeps us committed and coming back to build and enhance memit in all the ways you ask us to.

Investment secured
Two weeks ago we landed a new round of investment from our business angels. This time also Rune and I ourselves have chipped in. This allows us to continue the prolonged hardening and refinement of the memit platform. Once more we’re dying to make memit even better, one byte, one user, one piece of glorious content at the time.

Users doubled, platform enlarged
In the past half year, we’ve more than doubled the number of users.  We’ve optimized loadtimes of pages by a factor 20, we’ve redesigned the topbar, created a new wordpress plugin, and a new gorgeously looking tile-view.

In terms of feature-set, the most important development this fall has without doubt been the ”upload your own documents as mem”-functionality – or just ”upload your own mem” as we call it ourselves. The reason ”upload your own mem” is so important, is because it radically extended the entire basis for meming. Now not only stuff found online can be memed, but also presentations, documents and images from your own computer.

”Magic” app in the making
The extension of the memit featureset doesn’t stop here,  however. We’re trucking on, and next in line is an even larger improvement to memit than ”upload your own mem”. It’s the new version of our app. The new app will allow users to use their camera-phone to take pictures of articles and mem them. What’s cool about this is, that suddenly we’re embracing not only digital, but also print media. The world of printed newspapers and magazines now suddenly become a part of online casino the memit-family. And what’s more: the app is opening up to partnerships with print publishers, allowing us to perform magic to the articles memed this way – on the fly saving articles in their original PDF-form instead of just as a pictures.

HQ virtualized
The harsh part of being bootstrapped is, that you can’t have it all. With limited funds comes the need for prioritization. Securing development in this way costs.

Duing the past 6 months we have had the pleasure of having a real memit COO. A position held by Jon Lund. Plus, Jeppe Morgenthaler as community manager together with Lise-Lotte Maria Sundahl. What a treat this has been!

As much as we want to keep all these resources on-board we will prioritize development and funding as our 2 main priorities in the coming 6 months going into 2014. This means that community activities will be done by a new memit intern and other members of the team – while Jeppe Morgenthaler will be doing his magic apart from memit at the Danish ad agency Benzin and various other creative projects, Jon steps down as daily COO but stays on as a memit partner and advisor helping out with communication and strategy and media industry partnerships as we move forward.

Our new years present to you
2013 gave us some 3000 users, presence in 64 countries, and more than 100,000 mems since our official launch less than 10 months ago – what will 2014 bring?

We just finished a user survey (we thank more than 200 of you taking the time to give us feedback). We got a lot of great feedback on features and the wish for usability and less design-clutter. Well we want to give you that – and we started working on it all ready.

Moving forward we will bring more great things. They’re all right here in our internal plans. And they’re all about how to make memit easier to use, how to embrace mobile in yet more ways and how to integrate memit even closer to the ecosystem of publishers, on which memit so heavily relies on.  Off course, this is future talk, but make no mistake: We’re bootstrapping us there. one mem and one happy user at a time.

Thank you for your support – and happy holidays to you and your families – in all 64 countries across the memit world 🙂



Jan and the memit team

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