Memit to turn 100,000 original mems

We’re approaching a significant milestone. Soon 100,000 pieces of content will have been saved with our social knowledge management tool.

Within the next few days we’ll turn the pages of a new chapter here at memit. The post-100,000 mems-chapter. Yes, that’s true: memit users have almost saved 100,000 pieces of content. Articles, bookmarks and content pieces. Pictures, videos and PDFs. Mostly stuff found on the web. But also users own documents, uploaded to memit –  feature recently added to memit.

Displaying 100000 picture.png

That’s a big deal! Not just because 100,000 is a nice round figure. But  because the value of memit increases for each new mem, that’s added to our system. The more there’s memed, the more other users re-mem and the better memit becomes as a foundation for true knowledge networks.

As of writing we have topped 99,293 original mems. On top of those goes another 10,765 mems, re-memed by one user from another. A token of how powerful memit is in helping knowledge to spread.

With the present pace it’s only a matter of days – not weeks – before the magic 100,000 original mems is reached. Happy meming out there!

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