Newly graduated Indian computer engineer, Sanju Kumar, sees memit as a great source of inspiration and network building.

Four month ago Sanju Kumar, a computer engineer from the city of Jodhpur in the northern Indian province, Rajasthan, surfed the web, looking for new exciting network tools. It was then he first came across memit. “I liked that memit had lots of exciting information and it is categorized in collections”  Sanju recalls thinking when I asked him earlier this week. And he goes on: “this is what makes it usable to anyone who are interesting in reading and sharing the information”

(photoshop collage by Sanju Kumar)

Goes to the movies

Sanju, who like most Indian youngsters love to hang out with friends, and listen to music and go to the movies, grew up in a family with strong values, and has learned that discipline in life and a good education is a must for success.

At the same time, having only recently graduated as an computer engineer, Sanju is struggling to have his career started. This is where memit comes in. Memit, he states, is “a magnificent tool” when it comes to researching, and saving important content he finds on the internet. Content, that inspires him, and leads him on the path to new job opportunities, but also content that enrich his personal life. “I”m using memit professionally to find something related to my field and personally, to find something new and interesting”, Sanju explains.

(Sanju Kumar: in the background his home town, Jodhpur)

Fascinating network tool

Also the networking part of memit fascinates Sanju. To him, networking and inspiration goes hand in hand. And he finds memit blends the two in a good way. “Networking is for me to make friends” Sanju says.



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