This is my last day as an intern at memit.

Hi! I’m Lise-Lotte and today is my last day as an intern at memit!



I remember first time I walked into the memit office in Vestergade in the center of Copenhagen, as if it was yesterday. I was kind of excited, and at the same time all blank about what I could expect from this new team, I was about to become apart of, for the next six months.

But i am happy to say, that even if my expectations had been very high, the memit team would not have disappointed me.

The past 6 months has probably been one of the most intense and enjoyable learning processes in my life! It has been unbelievable giving to me personally, as well as professionally, to be able  to team up with people like Jon Lund, who is an world-class communicator,(and he really is!) And a media specialist. With Jeppe Morgenthaler, a brilliant Community Manager and concept developer. And not the least: CEO and founder of memit and Networked Business, amazing  Jan Futtrup Kjær, who describes himself as a “social media why guy” And now I know why: He really knows WHY!” 🙂

Online I have had the great opportunity to work together with the memit development team, lead by highly skilled solution architect, Rune Alblas, who is also CTO and founder at memit. I have been truly impressed by the smooth and fast and most important, efficient  communication  in the team, despite the fact that our lead Developer is sitting in Odessa, our sweet and fast tester, in Bosnia Herzegovina, and our lead Designer, sits here in Copenhagen,  but in his own office.

Still, the way the team works together is brilliant, and it made me proud, whenever i could pass on to one of our users, that an issue on the platform, he or she had pinpointed, within hours had been fixed, as a result of this smooth cooperation in the development team .

What’s next?

My basis for joining memit as an intern this fall, has been my position as a graduate student ( by Aalborg University in Copenhagen. My 9.semester hereby became an exciting and stimulating experience. I truly got in touch with the real world of entrepreneurship. After having handed in my 9.semester paper and passed my examine  in January, I start working on my master thesis, due to be finished 31. may.  2014.

I have decided to build my thesis around how knowledge curating platforms like memit, and  social media in general have an impact on how we design our organizations and businesses, local as well as global.

I can”t exactly say what my role in the memit team will be,  in the future. But I will stay engaged! That for sure!. As my heart is with the amazing team New provisions to protect consumers include  companies no longer being able to deny individuals for preexisting conditions or being able to drop their coverage for being sick, free preventive treatments, and the elimination of discrimination, and annual and lifetime limits on essential health benefits. behind memit,  as well as the growing world wide memit family.

Have a wonderful Christmas time and a happy New Year! 🙂

 6 month with amazing team memit!!

memit teamcommunity manager wsSkærmbillede 2013-12-20 kl. 12.14.34painting the squrrilmeet up eveningdaylimemit facebookSkærmbillede 2013-12-20 kl. 12.15.39



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2 thoughts on “This is my last day as an intern at memit.”

  1. Hi Lise Lotte, Thank you so much for this 🙂 … You are by far one of the most constructive and spirited people I have meet – so many good things comes out of working with you and beeing in your company. Thank you for the talk we had yesterday – and your commitment to the memit project 🙂 Sincerely Jan


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