Memit super user Metroxing: Passionate about marketing! (and cars ;-))

Like many, he surfs the web intensely. He blogs and he tweets. But that’s not all. He’s a heavy memmer. Actually the most active memit user at all. Meet “Metroxing” in this third blog post, portraying key memit profiles.


When I myself first signed up to memit nearly a year ago, one of the first other memmers I noticed was Metroxing. I was so overwhelmed by the stream of mems flowing from his account, I first almost couldn’t believe he was real. For a minute I actually considered the possibility of him being a hoax, hired by memit (at that time I knew very little about the memit team) to boost activity on the platform. How wrong I was!


Star blogger

When I, a couple of months later as an new intern at the memit office, would take on the task of identifying the top users on the memit platform, Metroxing, with his 4467 (today) mems distributed over 50 collections, came out on top of the list. Labouring myself across the web, I discovered traces leading right to the blog “Take five a day” “The world”s largest and most in-depth news and information website for Disney Pixar Cars diecast toys and other collectibles for collectors and retailers” as it describes itself. “ Much of the stuff Metroxing mems is connected to this site’s activity.

Logo from the blog “”


Finding out more.

But being really curious to know more about this amazing memit user, I finally decided to write him an email. He replied swiftly. He was more than happy to let me shoot him some questions, even though he has the policy of keeping his face and identity off the internet.

This much I can tell, however: “Metroxing” resides in the suburbs of San Francisco, he (yes, it’s a man) is a marketing consultant and passionate about everything on the internet related to marketing. Like “almost everything!”, as he stated in one of his replies to me. Hence the many mems.

“Metroxing” came to memit when the somewhat similar “Clipboard” closed down. And he’s happy by the move, emphasizing the easy and efficient access to clipping, organizing and sharing great content. Also, “Metroxing” is not only a top user on the memit platform, he is also our best Twitter friend ever, as he tweets many of his mems as well.

San Francisco Bay. Home of Metroxing.


Gives us great feedback.

Metroxing has a lot of great ideas about where team memit, could take the platform in the future. One of the many suggestions  he passed on to us,  is that of working on making memit a combination of Facebook, Pinterest, Flipboard, Evernote and LinkedIn. As he says: “It is much more difficult for them to be like memit, than it is for memit to add their one-note features.” “Thank you Metroxing!. We take that as a compliment, and as a source of inspiration. And we look forward to keep on warming us around the nice “cyber camp fire” of all your fascinating mems in the future… “




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