Dropbox Integration

Memit now lets you connect to Dropbox to both backup mems but also to import content from Dropbox and keep it synced.

Once connected, everytime you add a new mem it will automatically be backed up to Dropbox into the memit folder. All mem types including text, images, and documents are included; also the collections are preserved. From within the memit folder in Dropbox you can open a HTML file and view all your mems nicely while being offline.

To import files from Dropbox, simply click the ” ” in the top menu of memit. Our developers did a very tight sync integration with Dropbox for this feature, which means that if you later change the imported file in Dropbox, memit will automatically pick up that change too. Thanks to the Dropbox platform team for giving us access to this brand new feature.

We are currently adding the option to login with Dropbox too.

To connect to Dropbox simply go to the memit tools menu: http://memit.com/tools




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