Mobile friendly redesign coming up

Our design and user experience team is currently working day and night with finalizing the upcoming redesign of memit. It’s expected to be implemented and released in about two months.

It will feature a complete redesign of all major pages and views. And will look beautiful and be functional on both desktop and mobile devices (such as Android and Apple phones and tablets).

Below is a few teaser screenshots of what’s coming up (work in progress).

Stay tuned for more updates on this in the coming period.









9 thoughts on “Mobile friendly redesign coming up”

    1. Hi Brian. OH YES! There is a lot of Android love is in the air, in the memit development team at the moment. We are working very hard to make our new android app ready for BETA test, as it is our aim to have it up and running and ready for upload from Google play, in August. If you wish to join the party and become one of our BETA-Testers, do let me know on

      Sincerely Lise-Lotte


    1. Hi David. This is a request we hear from many users, and we have placed it at the top, on the wish-list, with great new ideas from our users, that will be implemented on to the memit platform. It is hard at the moment to say if we will have the function ready together with the launch of the redesign, but we will do our best.

      Sincerely Lise-Lotte


  1. Will the redesign be optimized for iPad and allow smooth rotation? I came to you from Springpad where I used the app exclusively for my recipe collection and prefer to cook while viewing horizontally. Right now when I use Memit, it allows rotation, but the side margins are very large and my recipe photos are blurry and pixilated. If it is optimized for iPad, I DO think your app will be the best choice for lovers of the former Sprinpad app!


    1. Hi Tonia

      Sorry for the late reply, but YES! That is exactly what is going to happen when the new memit open the doors. Then it will be optimized for all devices, including ipad. And the design and the functionality will be so much smoother and cleaner! We can hardly wait! 🙂


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