Our first Penguin has landed!

Today the new import tool for Icebergs content was released on memit, and we were thrilled to see that at the very moment the tool went live, our very first Penguin checked in, and successfully uploaded his content to memit.

So, dear Icebergs user: If you need a place to land all the great stuff, you have collected on Icebergs, before it shuts down by 1st of September 2014, you are very welcome to try out memit.

In three easy steps you are ready to play with the squirrels at memit.com

1. First you go to your the  Icebergs page and chose to export .json file

2. When you have your file, create an account on memit, or log in and go to this page and select “import from icebergs”

3. Chose your .json file and start the import.

Soon you will be good to go memming with the squirrels!

squrrils and penguins


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