Get out of the jungle – become a knowledge superhero!


It’s a jungle out there. Whenever you want to publish something, you need to master 10-15 different platforms. But enough is enough.

We’re launching memit to help you do better research and to make publishing a one-click task.

We are inviting you to become a knowledge superhero!

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Hear it from Jan Futtrup Kjaer, CEO in memit. 

I’ve had it!.

I’m fed up with being the tech-friendly, social media capable professional.

As the rest of you, I know all the tools out there. I upload my power points to Slideshare, my photos to Flickr – and collect  articles on Pocket. However, I have to admit that I don’t get around to blogging – because – well, mainly because I’m embarrassed that my blog hasn’t been updated for years.

As much as I love all these tools, I’ve come to realize,

It all boils down to this: memit will help you collect, store and find information and memit will help you publish with as little friction as possible – All seamlessly integrated into your Dropbox workflow.

Please join us on this journey, and help us make it happen. Give the beta a spin and tell us how far we have come in helping you become a super knowledge hero. Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted, as we move forward.

For now, all you need to do is sign up for our beta-launch.


Jan Futtrup Kjær

CEO, memit

2 thoughts on “Get out of the jungle – become a knowledge superhero!”

  1. I am waiting for the Android launch. I am a former Springpad user. Currently I can’t type and documents up when I am commuting. When is the Android version coming out?


    1. Hi Sharon

      We have just launched the new memit for a limited group of people. Very soon we will open up the new platform for the whole community of signed up memit users. The reason why we start out with a limited group of Alpha testers, has to do with the fact that there are still many minor issues that need to be adjusted. One of these areas is about using the service on android. We have had a large request from people who wishes to use memit from their android phone, and we pay a lot of attention to adjusting the features so that scaling and all functionalities will be available for our android users. The next step will be to provide our users with an android APP that will make it even easier to access memit from the Android device. So just a little more patience, and memit on android will be a really good expirience. Sincerely Lise-Lotte from memit


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