The brand new memit clipper is here! :-)

Finally, it is the day!

The long days (and nights too) of coding and testing and adjusting is over. Today a big milestone in the entire redesigning process of memit was reached. The reworked version of the memit clipper was released.

Apart from a much cleaner and simpler design, one of the most important changes that has been made to the new clipper, is the ability to filter your collections right in the clipper, to easily find the collection you would like to add the mem to.



                                                                               Filter collection feature

Another important improvement, is the ability to add a picture to your mem, to make your thumbnails look nice and informative. We have also built in the possibility to chose between different thumbnail pictures, if they are available in the memmed material.



                                                                          Ability to change thumbnail picture

Finally, we have worked on improving the share functionality of the clipper. From now on, it will be much easier to share your memmed content, and make a comment directly in the clipper, that will be shown together with the link to your mem.




We hope you will enjoy the new clipper experience, and look very much forward to your feedback.




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