memit New Years update.

Hi to all you wonderful followers and supporters of the making of the new memit. 

Here is a New Years progress update from team memit.

When we first set sail ( in April 2014) with the work process, of transforming the original memit in to what today is called the “new version” of memit, we started out with a vision of wanting to listen 100% to our users. Especially we made the choice to focus on the large group of users that joined the memit family in connection with the Springpad platform announcing its closure in June 2014.  This is why we actively have been engaging with this amazing group of power users,  during the entire redesign process, and our first step was to create and publish a wish list, containing the 21 most mentioned feature requests from our x-Springpad user group.

The memit Bonsai.

We ‘only’ gave you a third of those 21 requests in 2014. We could start explaining ourselves…. We could say we are sorry…(because we are!) But instead I would like to tell you the story about the memit bonsai.

In our lead developers (Oleg Zavoronkin)  office in Odessa, stands the memit Bonsai. A bonsai is a miniature tree. What is so characteristic about it, is that it grows slowly, and it need to be trimmed to stay small , but still  be the perfect little tree. Our memit Bonsai is a symbol of how we work in team memit. We need to create a perfect foundation, with a small group of users, before we can scale memit up.

This does not mean that we have stopped listening to our users. This does also not mean that we are not going to give you all the feature requests you have asked for, in time. Because we will!. We keep a record of all of them, and work around your specific requests every day in our development team. But just as the bonsai grows slowly into a perfect little tree, because it is cared for and nursed,  we are building  the perfect memit right now, with the help of our wonderfully engaged power testers . And this is why it takes time.


And when will the ANDROID APP arrive ??

We cannot give you an estimated time of when the app will arrive. But we will! As soon as possible. Only there are many other “little leaves and branches” that need to be cut and carefully shaped before we can get to the APP. We do understand the urgency. And 2015 WILL be a year in the sign of ANDROiD.

Thank you for a great year. We could never have achieved what we did, without all you wonderful power testers/users!

Sincerely the memit team.

from old to new

Old design versus New design! This is What we DID manage to give you in 2014! Let’s take it much further, and scale it up, in 2015! 



5 thoughts on “memit New Years update.”

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  2. I do like the changes that have already occurred, but there’s still one huge hole for me – the lack of checklists, something I use constantly (and for which I am currently having to use other sites). Can you share where they are on the priority list?


    1. Hi Liz

      We are happy to hear that you like the improvements. The checklist function has been requested by a lot of people already, and it is a high priority for us to implement it as fast a we possible can. How many months before it will be available is very hard to say, as we are hiring more resources for our development team just now, and we hope this will speed up the process of implementing all the missing features that has been requested by our users. I will keep you informed as soon as I know a specific date of implementation. Sincerely Lise-Lotte. Community manager at memit.


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