Why do we have a happiness officer in memit?


Hi, I am Lise-Lotte, and I am happiness officer in team memit.

“That’s a funny title”, I often hear from people, when the talk falls on my job in memit. And it is. Because why does an online tool development team like memit need a happiness officer? The answer is simple: Because contributing to people’s happiness is our main goal!

It is really THAT simple!

The hard part is to decide the right strategy for doing it. There is a famous Danish song called “Why is happiness is so unpredictable” ? It is a song that describes how happiness and joy often does not last because it is hard to trust the people you cherish and love. Happiness is connected to trust, love, joy and peace. The very foundation for all of it is stability and order. And this is the reason why we in team memit love our job. Because we are working together on creating a wonderful tool that can help people as they create just that: order and stability in life.

Of cause we humbly realize that our contribution to increase the happiness in people’s lives is only a very small part of a very big picture, but still: It’s a part worth fighting for. And we want to give our very best. This is why we in team memit truly cares about the wellbeing of both all our users and members of our team.

“HOs all have one thing in common: an innate ability to bring out the best in the people around them. They need to understand problems and offer up solutions that optimize for happiness, whether that’s through customer support or striving for happiness within teams.”  (Fiona Duffy. CHO of Happy Startup school)

So what exactly do I do as a HO?

  1. I treat every user and team member as a human being who matters.
  2. Make sure everybody is content by asking questions and truly LISTENING!
  3. Make sure everybody feels heard and seen by always answering them back in a friendly and meaningful way.
  4. Make sure our values are demonstrated in our daily routines and our external communication.
  5. Encourage and stimulate effective and joyful teamwork.
  6. Smile smile smile…:-)

Lise-Lotte Maria Sundahl, December 2015

My research for this blog can be found in this collection

3 thoughts on “Why do we have a happiness officer in memit?”

    1. Hi Ramiro! Thanks for the re-blog. Just read your life story, you’re still full of life and can turn things around. Hope you find a way to reach your goals. Take care!
      Lejla, Community manager


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